We pride ourselves on being able to deliver every service possible within our wide sector. This may be nothing more than just a consultation or survey by a member of our team. We offer:


  • Professional advice – we can give advice on a large number of issues you may come across
  • Tree consultations – we can consult with our clients on many topics about trees. Legislation or neighbourhood disputes to do with trees, best way to approach tree work, best method of preserving the trees health during our tree operations.
  • Tree surveys – we can survey the tree(s) on your site or garden to give you a guide to its health and wellbeing. Many aspects will be taken into account during this process including health and safety of the tree, any visible diseases or damage, root plate inspection. You will receive a safety advisory sheet with any good points, faults and major concerns listed. We can then advise you on the best course of action to take in light of the survey results.
  • Tree Site surveys – surveys for many particular reasons, if a tree is situated next to a proposed new build or extension, or even if a tree is outgrowing its area and is now physically touching or harming property.


  • Professional advice – we can advise on best methods to remedy your ground care worries, from the most effective way to go about the planning, design and landscaping your project, including any legal obligations. Advice on the correct way to maintain a healthy lush sports pitch, as naturally as possible to preserve the environment, and the professional routine maintenance intervals.
  • Site consultations – the best way to get the most out of your site, whether that be for a sports area or just a garden. Or local authority restrictions to ideas you may have for the site.