The team at J W Tree Services do genuinely love trees and we do our best to care of Britain’s trees. We offer plenty of remedial services for your trees. However unfortunately sometimes trees do have to be dismantled and removed for underlying issues i.e. diseases, too large for the area they are situated or have become unstable or dangerous. All of our tree work is carried out to the highest quality in accordance with British Standards (BS3998). Before any tree work is carried out, we will assess the situation to determine whether contact with the local authority tree officer is necessary. This is in order to check for any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s), Conservation area restrictions or other such legislations that could affect the planned work. The list of the services we offer:

  • Crown reduction - to reduce the size of the crown/canopy of the tree, by removing ends of the canopy by an agreed amount. With the trees best interest in mind, this will reduce the weight of limbs and aid the trees leaf and fruit production.
  • Crown thinning/cleaning – to remove any dead, diseased limbs. To help the safety and the health of your tree. Removal of touching or crossing branches. This will allow an increase in air flow and light in to the crown which will benefit the trees growth.
  • Dead wooding – the objective is to remove any dead, diseased or insect infested limbs. This aids the trees safety and overall health. By allowing increased airflow through the crown, much the same as thinning.
  • Crown lifting – to remove the lower branches or limbs to provide increased clearance and visibility below. Often carried out on road and path sides due to local authority legislation, it can be beneficial to many gardens to allow light around the base of trees.
  • Pollarding – The common myth that ‘pollarding’ means ‘poor tree pruning’ is not exactly true. Pollarding is actually a very traditional method of tree care. This requires to reduce the tree size quite severely cutting them back to the main unions, usually to a few meters high. The tree will reply by shooting re growth with vigor. A great way to leave a tree in an easily maintained state. (not appropriate for some species)
  • Tree removal – the last resort is to remove a tree, if needed we offer our expertise and experience to safely dismantle or sectional rig down any tree, in any position. The timber can either be removed by us from the site or left for fire wood. A recommendation can be, to leave some of the timber of your tree either standing or lying as habitat stick for insects and small wildlife.
  • Stump grinding – can be the easiest and most cost effective method (location dependent) to remove the stump and some parts of the root systems of felled/removed trees. Can turn a stump of any size or shape to saw dust very quickly, in order to make the area more aesthetically appealing and free of obstructions.
  • Tree planting – not only do we have to remove trees, we also very keen on replacing them too. We can supply and plant a large range of trees from saplings whips to young, medium or extra heavy standard trees. We also stake and tie newly planted trees as necessary. We can also supply and plant hedging trees and shrubs. An ideal cost and time effective way to replace a felled tree. An aftercare plan (watering etc) can be arranged.
  • Epicormics growth removal – young suckers usually around the base of the tree trunk that shoot from dormant buds underneath the bark of the tree. These are pruned back to the trunk on a regular cycle, in a tree friendly manner, to aid visibility and clearance at the base/root plate.
  • Hedge work – annual or even bi-annual hedge maintenance. Hedge cutting and re-shaping, reductions and removals. Hedge laying by a traditional method, to provide a natural habitat for wildlife and act as good wind breaks can be offered, depending on type and species of hedge.
  • Site and garden clearance – over grown sites or gardens can be a long an arduous process to clear. We can clear all sites to an agreed state.
  • 24/7 Emergency call and storm damage – not only during but after storms, trees or limbs can be become extremely unsafe or even fall so increasing risk to both property and person. we offer a 24/7 emergency call service.

Crown Thinning

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